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Delivering disrepair and complex works to tackle the ongoing issue of damp and condensation mould in housing stock.
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About the framework

The PCR 2015-compliant framework was developed jointly with, and is managed on behalf of, Riverside Group.

It has been created primarily to deliver disrepair and complex works in relation to condensation, damp and mould in homes, and also covers the following:

  • Structural disrepair
  • Sound and noise nuisance
  • Pest prevention work (proofing work only)
  • WIP management
  • Responsive repairs support
  • Complex repairs & minor work
  • Void support services
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The Lots

The framework is split into two workstreams delivering works across different value bands, and these are further broken down into regional Lots, giving coverage across England and Wales.

The Lots awarded under this framework are as follows:

Disrepair and Complex Work up to £500k

Framework users can choose between mini-competition and direct selection to suit operational requirements and project circumstances.

Benefits of joining the
framework include:

  • Flexible Direct Selection capability
  • Regional Lots with a local focus
  • Developed to tackle condensation, damp and mould, but also covers other repairs support services and complex work
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