Materials Supply and Managed Services

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Our Materials Supply and Managed Services framework, developed by Pretium in partnership with our Contracting Authority Watford Community Housing, enables users to access a wide range of materials and to manage materials supply and delivery.

It is delivered by Travis Perkins Managed Services (TPMS) and framework users can benefit from the strengths in purchasing, distribution, stockholding and administration of the UK’s largest supplier and distributor of building materials, while enjoying an individually tailored offer with a single point of contact.

About the framework

This framework helps to increase productivity, giving direct and easy access to a range of materials and managed services and was created with an emphasis on value for money, account management and operational flexibility.

Designed to be practical and straightforward it gives framework users access to the Travis Perkins branch network, with over 2,000 outlets and more than 100,000 product lines, with robust stock management systems ensuring stock availability.

TPMS works with each framework user during the mobilisation period to establish a bespoke catalogue of core products which are readily available through a number of delivery or collection options.

Social Value is built into the framework with training and community funding forming a key element of each solution.

The framework provides a menu of options to develop a truly bespoke and sustainable solution:

  • Materials supply only – delivered to a chosen address, a customer’s home or service provider’s operational premises
  • Access to the Travis Perkins branch network
  • A dedicated branch counter
  • A dedicated store
  • Added value services such as a temporary or unmanned pop-up store
  • A hybrid solution of two or more of the above


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Benefits of joining the
framework include:

  • Offer can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Secure and regulation compliant
  • Fully integrated IT solution
  • Customised IT offer for each framework user enabling end-to-end e-trading capability, including purchasing, invoicing, stock control and automated replenishment
  • Own fully-priced product catalogue
  • A tailored Social Value solution 
  • Pretium Rewards 
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