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Providing retrofit and professional consultancy services, supporting the delivery of decarbonisation works required to meet the targets as set out in the current energy efficiency standard for social housing (EESSH2).

It was developed with Contracting Authority Abri, on behalf of The Greener Futures Partnership (GFP), which comprises five housing associations – Abri, Anchor, Home Group, Hyde Group, Sanctuary.

GFP was set up in 2021 as its members believed that a joint effort would be more effective in helping the social housing sector seriously address the green agenda. Between them they have a combined stock of over 300,000 homes and represent 9% of the total social housing market.

GFP partners won all three bids submitted in SHDF Wave One in England and Wales with local authorities, securing £5.2m of grant funding for 461 properties, as well as successfully bidding for a further £40.4m in SHDF wave two through a joint consortium bid including all five partners.

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About the framework

The multi-lot, multi-supplier framework, covering Scotland, will be utilised in the main by Home Group and Sanctuary, both of which have significant stock in Scotland, as well as external Registered Social Landlords and Contracting Authorities.

It has been designed with flexibility in mind, to enable organisations large and small to deliver a full range of retrofit works as a one-stop shop.

It is split into three workstreams, two delivering construction works across different value bands and one delivering professional services, covering all roles specified under PAS 2035, and there is a separate parallel framework for England and Wales.

Framework users can choose between mini-competition and direct selection to suit operational requirements and project circumstances, with multiple call-off options including an MTC, enabling clients to call off for delivery of long-term projects.

Various commercial models are available, including archetype pricing for each workstream, supported by a full schedule of rates and authorised users have the ability to call off works on an open book, target cost basis.

Benefits of joining the
framework include:

  • Designed to support Registered Social Landlords to meet energy efficiency standard for social housing
  • One-stop-shop for decarbonisation works
  • Multiple call-off options
  • Various commercial models
  • Designed with flexibility in mind
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