Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to join/access your frameworks?

No, all of our frameworks are free to join/access.

Do I have to pay to use any of your frameworks?

No, the framework management fee is recovered from the supplier.

Do I have to become a member of Pretium in order to join/access your frameworks?

No, unlike some of our competitors, Pretium is not a membership organisation, enabling us to respond to the needs of the wider market.

Once I have signed the joining/access agreement am I obliged to use a framework?

No, by signing a joining/access agreement you are enabling early dialogue with the framework supplier(s). However, you are not committed to using that framework.

How do I join/access your frameworks?

Joining/accessing our frameworks is easy. You simply need to sign an agreement which includes a confidentiality clause. Complete this contact form to get started or give the Pretium team a call on 01727 738 677.

Are your frameworks open to my organisation?

Our frameworks are open to any private or public sector organisation. However, there may be restrictions on individual frameworks. For more information on your eligibility complete this contact form or give us a call on 01727 738 677.

Do I need to use a framework?

All public sector organisations are obliged to use a PCR 2015-compliant route to purchase products and services over certain values. A framework is the quickest and simplest option to achieve this.

What are the benefits of using a framework?

Frameworks provide a less resource intensive route to purchasing products and services, saving you time and reducing costs by removing the need for lengthy tendering processes. As frameworks are designed to be combine the buying power of multiple users prices are often more competitive than a single tender. Click here for more information on the specific benefits of our suite of frameworks.

Does signing a joining/access agreement enable me to use to all frameworks?

No, each of our frameworks has its own joining/access agreement but the process is quick and simple. A benefit of separate agreements is that it gives users visibility over which frameworks their organisation is signing up to.