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Our Employer’s Agent Framework provides project management in the delivery of new-build developments, contract delivery, and tender support.


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About the framework

The PCR 2015-compliant framework, developed with Contracting Authority, bpha, aims to provide quality services, in the implementation of new-build construction projects.

Employer’s Agents sit between a client and contractor, offering professional support, throughout construction projects.

An Employer’s Agent brings in their extensive experience to a development project, acting as a representative to the client, providing direction and management, throughout, whilst controlling quality, insurance, and timeframes.

This framework has been created to provide Employer’s Agent services to framework users, including tender documentation, dealing with quality assessments and defects, as well as providing direct input and professional advice.

The framework is flexible in its offering, and offers a high level of support, throughout the procurement process. It seeks to offer the benefits of best practice in contract delivery and collaborative working practice, for both bpha and other framework users, including being able to provide direction throughout a construction project, from tender, to design, and through to completion.

Framework users can choose between mini-competition and direct award, to suit operational requirements and project circumstances.

Benefits of joining the
framework include:

  • Flexible offering.
  • Support and professional advice, throughout the procurement process.
  • Collaborative working practices.
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