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Pretium Frameworks Ltd develops and manages specialist frameworks on behalf of contracting authorities operating in the public sector across the UK.
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The company, which has continued to expand since it was set up in 2015, is part of the Echelon group of businesses.

We aim to deliver high quality, PCR 2015-compliant solutions that offer a different approach to existing frameworks.

Working with a variety of partner organisations we have created a suite of specialised frameworks, both single supplier and specialist multi-lot.

These cover a range of construction and development services; compliance including fire and business supplies, fleet and materials supply.

They are practical, straightforward and easy to access and use, while offering a significant degree of flexibility to respond to local circumstances and logistical challenges.

While our frameworks are competitively priced, we don’t compromise on quality and work closely with our client base, offering a personal touch which enables us to react to meet each customer’s needs.

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